°•  1 - 1   h e a l i n g s. *


1-1 in Utrecht. 

cosmic crystal healing

In a 1-1 session we'll cleanse & catalyse your energy in a safe haven so that you can release old energies, tension & patterns and make room in your earthly system. 

Room for inspiration, understanding, downloads. Room for soul to take up more space in the body. 

Energetic maintenance :).

During a session I use crystals, guided bodywork, intuitive soundmaking, activating light-grids, clairsentient observation and energywork. 

All guided by extraterrestrial guides. Whomever comes through for you, it's different every time.

Know that all energetic shifts happen in constant dialogue with your body, soul and the guides. This is a collaboration between us, you know what's best for you. See me as the 'fairy godmentor' on your earth team! 

We always start with tea, a chat & a simple practice & close with an oracle card.


Clients tell me they experience a higher state of clarity and everything just seems to flow better in their lives as their energy runs more 'smoothly' in the physical vessel, radiating their soul energy outwards. 


I've heard stories from sudden new jobs, feeling more grounded to being able to sing again. It's amazing what working on your energy can do!

Are you ready for an upgrade?



duration - 90 min

location - studio in Utrecht

language - Dutch (NL) or English

°• € 111 *

(a payment plan of 2x €56 is possible.)


transformation pack

3x 1-1 healing in Utrecht.

A transformation pack is 3x a 90min cosmic crystal  healing with 10% discount.

This is for you if you want to do more thorough maintenance & book ahead.

To do multiple upgrades in a shorter period of time and clean-up & transform your energy(body) on a deep deep level. 


For example if you want to work through something specifically.

We'll plan the first 2 sessions in our calendar and the 3rd one follows intuitively when you feel ready.


Ready to close the chapter.


duration - 3 x 90 min 

location - studio in Utrecht

language - Dutch (NL) or English

°• € 300 *

(a payment plan of 3x €100 is possible.)


cosmic healing

distant - over the phone.

If you don't desire to travel (or don't live in the Netherlands to visit my studio), this is a healing session from a distance.


The same as a cosmic crystal healing, but without placing the áctual crystals on your body of course, as I'm not there physically.

We'll simply make an appointment when the cosmic healing will take place over the phone (no video, just a whatsapp call).


Beforehand you send me a picture, so that I can 'contact' your energy.

5 min chat - check in

50 min - distant healing 

5 min chat - closing 


During a cosmic healing you may lay down somewhere comfortable and place your phone next to you (preferably with headphones on/earplugs in), so that I can guide you with my voice during the healing and tell you what we're doing.


duration - 60 min

location - anywhere with wifi

language - Dutch (NL) or English


°• € 77 *