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Ava - fairy godmentor

human, you are stardust in matter,

the ethereal on earth - we are all 'earthéreals'.


Ava is a retired fashion designer turned mentor,

crystal therapist, body alchemist & clairvoyant energy healer.

She's here to helo you feel & mágnify your magic.


A modern mystic Aquarius who loves to write, create & share.


 She lives in Utrecht (the Netherlands) with her fiancé,

a cosy bunch of plants, crystals and 5 guinea-pigs. 



Ava started her entrepreneurship at age 22 as a fashion designer.

A few days after graduating as 'Bachelor of Design' she created her label Avadem. From design, to pattern to sewing, the whole process she managed. And then sold her designs in stores & at creative markets and she organised fashion shows & photoshoots.

O the 'artist life'. Long nights at the drawing table or sewing machine..

After about 5 years of working her ass off - life took an unexpected turn in 2016.


She burned out, got a thyroid auto-immune disease, a severe fear-disorder (she could not set foot outside her door anymore, let alone step into a car), panic attacks, her longterm relationship ended, she shot straight into a depression and her body stopped functioning.

All. At. The. Same. Time.

So there was no other way to go, but inwards. And heal.

This brought her on a new, spiritual path.


She quit fashion in 2017 & dove into tantra, spirituality, energywork, crystals,

natural nourishment, kinesiology, body alchemy and much, much more.

The result is the Earthéreals realm, that you now have found.

Welcome, magic one.