Body Alchemy

'online course of 7 weeks with game-changing body tools
to release the old & transform your energy.'


Honestly, it will change your life.
Moving with presence, (striving to) embody the entire physical system & making it spacious to invite in more soul energy. Starting to use this 'avatar' like the optimal vessel it is.
Powerful alchemic movements to transform energy.

Know that this is not your usual course - obtaining knowledge by reading. Naha. Working with energy and the body is something you need to féél & experience to understand. For it to really 'click' in your system.

Your body = your notebook in this course. :)
It's an explorational journey. I'm guiding you through 7 bodywork tools (via video & text), so that you can experience them, feel what they do to/for you and add them to your 'body vocabulary'.

Simple. Practical.




#3 - the ACTIVATOR
#5 - the TORNADO
 BONUS - pdf overview of all tools.


Cause. You know. We humans have a tendency to see our raw emotions as awkward.
Inconvenient. Weak, maybe even? It's almost like we try to deny our humanness, and therefor, completely miss out on our potential..

We keep dragging that old energy around.
The pushed down - can't deal with this right now - unprocessed emotions.

And in (subtle) ways, that influences your life. Holds you back. 

I mean, I was so tight, controlling & stressed out in my fashion designer life,
so much so, that I couldn't truly feel my body anymore. I felt numb & cut off.

Nowadays, I prefer the 'stuff'.
It's what makes you feel ALIVE aye. 

But also,

I learned some helpful TOOLS to dig up those energies and 'move them through' in fun & safe ways - and I will share them with you in this course. :)

Beautiful human, your emotions (energy in motion) are to be expérienced,
so that they move through you and you maintain your vessel a channel - not a storage space for old sh*t - and you can keep embodying your light. 


Yes. This is an unusual online course. You are going to 'do the work', move that body weekly. 

It's not all stardust & rainbows (ok it is, because you'll feel that the human body is freakin amázing), but, you ARE going to stir the pot. Féél what's been stuck for a while.

It's getting down with/in your human body. 


" While using the movements that are included in this course

I noticed a big change in being 'present' in my own body and letting the hold-up energy flow again. It allowed me to release, find balance and stop panic attacks before they were able to fully come out.


I finally feel like I have a better grip on my emotions, allowing them to be there but not allowing them to take over. Thank you Ava, for creating such a beautiful program and giving me tools I can use for the rest of my life. "


- Malou

With this course you are investing in your physical system on earth, your avatar, and make it more spacious, to slowly embody more & more soul energy.

By clearing the body of old energies, it can invite in more of your high-frequented soul energy and that 'raises your vibration'. Quick. Which, in return, will attract things in your life that are more in line with your core. :)


O yes, it's an adventure of high(er) consciousness, awakened senses and bodily fun.

You'll feel so freakin' clear & alive!



So. Do you dare to dive into that body of yours?