online training with 7 game-changing bodily tools 

to release, transform & maintain your energy.


It will change your life.


Moving with presence, (striving to) access the entire physical system & making it spacious to embody more soul energy. Working the body like the ultimate vessel it is.


I've finally gathered some beautiful bodywork tools that I use for myself and teach my clients,

and created an online program so that you can experience them, from home.


Powerful alchemic movements to transform energy.

Know that this is not your usual course, obtaining knowledge by reading. Nope. Working with energy is something you need to féél & experience yourself to understand. For it to really 'click' in your system.

Your body is your notebook.


So, this online program is an exploration journey with your body. I'm taking you through 7 bodywork tools (via video), so that you can experience them, feel the transformation and add them to your 'body vocabulary'.

Simple. Practical.





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Us humans tend to see our emotions as awkward. Inconvenient. Weak, maybe even. Annoying 'stuff' in our lives. We've been trying to deny our humanness, and therefor, completely missing out on our potential.

We keep dragging those energies around.

The pushed down - can't deal with this right now - unprocessed emotions.

And in (subtle) ways, that influences your life.


Gosh don't I know it..

I was as tight & stressed as a person could be a couple years ago,

so much so that I couldn't truly feel my body anymore. 

I was living a half life.

But nowadays, I prefer the 'stuff'. Making me feel ALIVE and divinely human!

But also: I now feel that I have the tools.


Your emotions (energy in motion) are to be experienced,

so that they move thróugh you and you can keep living your light. 

You see, after my own journey with my body (ongoing), I now help a lot of amazing souls with 1-on-1 sessions, often feeling like having to 'digest' emotions from experiences long ago. Sometimes even from birth. Or other lives.

Desiring to make room for their light.

Well, this online journey helps you touch the places in your body where energy got stuck,

and release yourself of them. From the comfort of your home.

This is an unusual online program to experience, trust me. You are going to be doing the work, moving that body. It's not all stardust & rainbows (ok maybe a little, because the human body is freakin amázing), because you're going to stir the pot.


It's getting down with/in your human body.

And then...

feel your energy lighten & transform.


How does that work?

I see it as making the physical system more spacious means embodying more soul energy.

By clearing the body it can 'carry' more high-frequented soul energy and you raise your vibration.

Which, in return, will attract things in your life that are more in line with your truth.


It's an adventure of high(er) consciousness, awakened senses and joy, I can tell you!

Feeling freakin' alive!



So. Wanna play?


Add this 'expansion pack' to your  human toolbox?

Learn human tools that transform your energy on deeper levels?



#3 - the ACTIVATOR


#5 - the TORNADO





feminine & masculine energy, using your body


" While using the movements that are included in this program

I noticed a big change in being 'present' in my own body and letting the hold-up energy flow again. It allowed me to release, find balance and stop panic attacks before they were able to fully come out. I finally feel like I have a better grip on my emotions, allowing them to be there but not allowing them to take over. Thank you Ava, for creating such a beautiful program and giving me tools I can use for the rest of my life. "


- Malou