'Unconditional love between humans is not possible, as we áre conditional.' 

I posted this a few days ago and asked for your thoughts. Mennnnnn I'm so in AWE of all your beautiful stories & visions! Thank you for sharing. I really liked pondering over this with you and connecting with my own truth. 

So I felt like writing down my vision and sharing it too. 

I feel that our soul energy is this incrédibly high frequented etherial energy that has no '3D limitations'. It doesn't know human concepts like time or marriage and is connected to EVERYTHING and present in every living thing. Therefor this soul energy can connect with someone (or something) else's soul energy without physically being there. #itsmagical 

Our physical energy, the body, is a wáy more dense & lower vibrational energy that moves in 3D. It is confined to time and space, and a passing unique in thát specific form. It's the souls 'material' vessle. And the beauty to me is, that both energies come from the same source. ARE the same source. 

Call this source 'love', 'god' or 'universe'; it's life, its YOU. 

So the only difference between soul and body, is that they are different densities & frequencies of source. But source IS love. Our soul IS love. And our body IS love. 

So yes, I feel that as we ARE love, we love ourselves unconditional, always. And it's possible to love another human unconditional as well, if we continue to see/feel what is 'true' and what isn't and be vigilent about that. 

It is cluttered & blocked energy that keeps us from feeling this love. And the human mind that makes us 'forget' what we really are by interfering, trying to impose concepts, rules or limitations. Because it can't 'grasp' the majesty of it. 

But, how on Earth can we? We are human.