Hello old friend. I see you.

Don't you think it's time? Time to hush those words in your head guiding you back to old patterns. Pathways your soul doesn't wish to take any longer.

Oh the beautiful human mind.

Indulging in 'quick fixes' to feel better instantly. Things that seemingly happify you but do not nourish your soul in the end.

You know.. buying, eating, doing & dating what you ain't desire deep within but keeps you 'content'.

I'm feeling real good and motivated these days, but also; personal challenges and choices have been popping up like crazy. Patterns crystal clear.

Might have to do with releasing the last bits of my 20's (one week to go!). Or maybe it's just the 2020's. Or I'm simply ready, I dunno.

Anyway, I've been working through some tough ones, transitioning into a new chapter.

So? Feel it. Go on, it's ok. If you've landed in an old pattern again; féél what that does to your energy. Yeah.. Remember?

Aaaaand; redirect.

Or, if you catch it soon enough; don't even go there. Leave it to grow over.

Mennnn, some pathways in the human head are hard to rewire. It's like turning a hard left going 'off-track' with your car, adventuring, deciding to leave the smoothly paved road. And it takes hella energy to turn left & pave that new 'off-road' track. Choosing it again and again over those smoothly paved roads.

Until, those new adventurous 'off-track' paths become the smoother roads.

I'm amazed at how resilient we are as humans.

How we can redesign everything in our heads and live life differently.

I feel so much gratitude for the people around me, holding a mirror up. Helping me see where I'm at so that I can remember, and redirect.

Inner road system (forever) under construction.

Im scouting & paving the adventurous paths!

Ava Anouk