I've had it all wrong.

For a long time I thought the human heartcenter was feminine and the bellycenter masculine.

The heart, as the energetic center - the collective. The 'feminine' surrender.

And the belly, as the physical center - the individual. The 'masculine' doing.

I read about - men 'having to' return to the heartcenter to tap into their feminine and women 'needing to' embody their bellies to be able to set (masculine) boundaries.

That women nowadays are too much in the 'masculine' energy of doing, trying to have it all.

That 'men' have lost their connection with their hearts, and therefor their intuition & emotions.

And we've been talking about this world needing more soft 'feminine' energy, right?

At the time, I felt that.

But, I've been experiencing a shift in me around this.

A 180.

You see, the feminine isn't about the collective at all.

The feminine is chaos. Darkness.

The feminine is earth - the individual body.

And she resides in your belly, filled with intuition, creation and emotion.

Think about where a female body creates new life and hów (in total darkness) - and the world makes sense again.

It's the feminine energy that is 'doing'.

SHE is creating the individual.

I can't see anymore how I ever thought the heart was feminine. It's the belly.

My heart is peaceful. Light.

It's the masculine that is heaven - the collective.

Overseeing all. Guiding, protecting and taking care of us.

HE is the divine and SHE embodies it.

This I knew - but I had the places in my human body turned around. And I felt the need to sort it out.

If you have trouble with setting boundaries - go find your FEMININE fire/chaos, connect with your belly. Ground yourself as an earthly individual.

If you are tired & have been in 'individual doing mode' for far too long - go find your MASCULINE peace, connect with your heart. Surrender to the collective energy in you.

Ofcourse we have both energycenters as a human, belly & heart, which means we have BOTH energies in us.

Some days you are leaning more into your belly, other days more into your heart.

Together - they are love.

The union of the masculine & feminine inside you.
Of heaven & earth.

Human, you áre love.


PS. I feel we are recalibrating right now on earth. We don't need MORE of one or the other, we need to find our balance.

PS2. Also, curious about your experience/feelings about this.

Ava Anouk