Are you also incredibly tired these days?


Damn, I can sleep for hours and still wanna do afternoon-catnaps.

When this happens I usually make a 'plan'. A plan to give my body what she's asking for. A plan to listen.


Right now it's this.

🌿 starting the day with the Earthquake movement to get rid of any tension stored during the night.

🌿 rubbing the belly with magnesium oil after showering in the morning - a necessary mineral that we often lack - to relax the body.

🌿 take éxtra supplements & vitamins.

🌿 daily 15min walks outside.

🌿 try doing all tasks slowly - to stay connected with the body.

🌿 after dinner - screens off & time for bodywork and meditation - connecting.

🌿 massaging the feet before bed with coconut oil & a grounding essential oil.

🌿 tiny crystal healings in bed - aka, sleeping with em.

🌿 8h nights of sleep and naps when I feel like (and possible).

Aaaand going to go get a full body massage right now.

Your body is the MOST precious & valuable thing you 'own' in life. It makes up a whole lot of how u experience life and what energy you radiate - and therefor attract.

Please remember that, always.



Ava Anouk