That voice in your mind that criticises every frkn thing you do

can be só loud & convincing right?

And on days I catch myself engaging with it like - yea you're right, I need to try/work/be harder - and continue to feel like I'm doing everything wrong.


All it áctually wants is to be heard and SOOTHED.
Not agreed with.

That part of you is trying só hard to protect you from getting hurt (again).
Maybe with harsh words, but it means well. It just feels anxious.

You see, it never 'evolved'.

It's coming from old memories, mostly from being a child.

And at the time, it wás protecting you. You needed the love or approval of your parents/friends/teachers to not be 'outcasted'.

But you are independant now.

Ignoring that voice won't work- it'll get louder.

Getting mad at it will stop the chatter for a while, but will get it (you) into a state of fear.

Agreeing with it will make it (you) feel unsafe and it will come up with something else in no time, getting you into a full on downward spiral.

ALL this voice wants, is to hear that its belief is not true (anymore) and that it's safe.


That it's loved NO MATTER WHAT.

So, next time you're finding yourself deep into a negative rant in your head - try to listen to it and understand from when and where it's coming.

Is it true? (- 99% no)

And talk to it like you would to a child as an adult - that you hear all of it, but that it can relax now.

Start with "oh baby, why are u so upset?"

Tell it that you've got this.


Every. Damn. Time.

And for everything it brings up.

That is how you heal/integrate this piece of old (& hurt) energy inside of you.

Dear human, love yourself how yóu desire to be loved.

See, touch, hug, soothe, feed & talk to all parts of you, no outcasts. 



Ava Anouk -