bodily tool #2


Oeh. I love this one so much! But I'm probably going to say that about every movement haha.

I just love alchemic bodywork and experiencing what it does to your energy. That you ARE energy and indeed create your own universe.


So happy that you're here and that I get to share this work with you!

That yóu are going to use & implement these movements too.


The world will be a lighter place because of it. Thank you.


Your body is such an amazing vessle or, 'bundle of matter', and when you collaborate and co-create with it, it enables you to do, experience and feel so much more. That's why you're here on earth. To experience life as a soul, a high frequented energy in a dense body.


Everything is connected (is 'one') and you are 'heaven & earth' combined as a human.

The serpent spine is an incredibly intuitive movement. Following your intuition, learning to trust your instincts and dismissing the stories your mind tends to make up; that's what makes life interesting right? Adventure. This movement is like that. You simply place your body on the mat and experience what happens.

The Serpent Spine is a movement to clean up blockages in your spine channel.

I can't emphasise enough how important your spine is. Your spine is the 'highway' of your energy, the channel your energy moves through, and, where ALL the largest energy points (chakras) are based.


So if you want to feel vigorous, vibrant and connected, your spine needs to be able to move energy through. From top to bottom and the other way around. Actually, if I'm being more specific, this energy channel lies befóre your spine, against it, a bit more inward. From your tailbone to the top of you head.

The Serpent Spine movement will help you clean up your channel.

To enhance your connection with above & below and move through possible blockages.

:: HOW TO ::

Space - Find a space where you won't be distracted and lay a yoga mat or a rug on the floor. I wouldn't recommend a hard floor for this, that's gonna hurt. Maybe light a candle and/or incense and really make the space your sanctuary. This moment is for you. For your energetic upkeep. Honour that.

Music - Put on music that is not distracting but activating. The plan is to go inwards, not be triggered by outside events or noises. I'll place some music suggestions for you below! If you're intrigued, click on the image that you 'feel' right now. You can try them all this week if you like.

Movement - Are you wearing comfortable clothing? Good! Then sit down on your knees, close your eyes, place your forehead on the floor and start moving intuitively. If you want, you can place your hands between your forehead and the floor.

>> Read the 'Important Pointers' below & click on the video for a demonstration

of one of my practices (it looks different every time).

Screen Shot 2019-07-19 at 16.48.31.png
Golden Star



☽ Keep moving. Even when you feel that you want to lie still, keep moving. Usually when you 'hit' a blockage, that's when your body stops and petrifies. Trust me, you'll feel resistance. So that's when you breathe in deep, be present with it, and slowly move through it. As long as the music is going, you move.

☽ When you feel like you don't 'know' how to move anymore, start doing something completely different from what you've been doing. We tend to fall into movements that are familiar to our body. So when you've been moving really slow, go fast. When you've been moving really flowy and round, go square and staccato. 

☽ Ofcourse you can take your head off the floor anytime, but this exercise is about activating your intuition and using that to clean up your spine channel. That's why your Third Eye chakra constantly touches the floor and is 'touched' or activated that way. It cancels out your mind. Try it. 

──── ∗ ⋅ ☽ ⋅ ∗ ────

This week is all about following yóur intuition, trusting that your body knows best.

Next week: the ACTIVATOR.