bodily tool #3


Ever wondered why you shout and heavily start rubbing your knee when you hit it against a chair?

Rubbing activates and accelerates energy. So in this case, the rubbing with your hands helps your cells to move around that 'hurt energy' more quickly. To heal faster. Amazing right!?

There's a reason we use our hands so much; they are our tools in life. We are able to móve energy with our hands. Physical energy, aka material stuff in our 3D lives, yes, but also 'ethereal' energy. 


Your hands are the extension pieces of your soul. Your arms are full of energy paths from the heart to the palms of your hands, and we are able to send out 'soul energy' (from our heartspace) through them. No wonder we use them so much on & with other people and why that feels so good. It reminds us of our source.

Your hands are the givers of love/divinity/god/soul energy.

So. The Activator isn't really a movement, but more of a 'technique' I want you to become aware of (this week). To be conscious about using your hands as tools, and moving your own energy with them.

Every time you feel sluggish, out of touch, in a rut, fog-headed or just incredibly lazy (unwanted!), try this.

This will help you feel your body again. Your divinity. And for it to be present in your body.

You'll start to tingle and vibrate on a higher frequency EVERYWHERE,

because you're literally spreading out your soul energy. 


It feels freakin' amazing!

Like you're 'back in the game', remembering.














:: HOW TO ::

#1 - Rub your hands together. Create friction & raise the frequency there.

This will activate the palms of your hands to start 'flowing' from the heart/soul.

#2 - Rub those activated hands all over your body. Slowly or quicker, however you like it.

#3 - Sit still for a moment and be aware of your body.

Feel the tingling. Feel how you are right now.

>> Read the 'Important Pointers' below & click on the video for a demonstration.





☽ If you don't feel like your hands start to flow from the heart after the rubbing, try waking up your heart first. This may sound strange, but you can tap on your heart with your fingers or placing a hand on there. It's like asking 'heya, are you there? I need you'.

☽ Don't hurt yourself! The activation is about reminding yourself. Giving yourself a gentle push in the right direction, feeling that you áre energy. A wake-up call. It's not about punishing yourself for not being 'here'. 

☽ It can be done with your clothes on obviously, but it feels even more potent when you touch your bare skin after having activated your palms. Skin on skin, mmmm.

──── ∗ ⋅ ☽ ⋅ ∗ ────

This week is all about activation, using your hands & remembering what you are.


Next week: the CALIBRATOR.

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Golden Star

" it's ok, you just forgot what you are.  welcome back. "


- unknown