tool #4

the Calibrator.

Everything we see around us has a certain colour.
The sunlight hits a surface and that surface absorbs all colours, but one. The colour that is reflected back by that surface is the colour you see with your eyes.
So, we see grass as green because that surface, that dense material energy, reflects back the frequency of green. Unless you observe black, in that case the surface absorbs ALL colours (frequencies). And white is when all the colours are reflected back at you, when nothing is absorbed.

Ever wondered why a rainbow is always in the same order of colours?

When the sunlight gets fractured by water, it reveals its entire spectrum. It reveals all the frequencies, or wavelengths, it consists of (that we humans can observe). Every colour has a different frequency, therefor they are always in that order when fractured. The colour red has the lowest frequency (the longest wavelength) and purple the highest. And then there's everything in between.

Magical right?! 

It's no coincidence that the colours resonating with the chakra's, the 7 central energy points of our body, are following that exact order. The Root chakra resonates with the colour red and is the the lowest vibration to be found in our (energy)body. Our connection to earth. The Crown chakra, on the top of our head, resonates with purple, which is also the highest frequency to be found in us humans. Our connection with the divinity of life.

So, our world is made of energy,
but we only séé those reflected back at us in wavelengths the human eye can observe.
Luckily, we aren't 'limited' to using our bodily senses and observations. There's also our energyfield that emits outwards through our body. A high frequented energy that our physical eyes cannot see.

That energy within & around us that can sense or knów things beyond our visual.
By doing this exploration program, you are training this energyfield. Or actually, no, you are removing 'obstacles' in your (energy) body so that this soul energy can emit outwards more easily through your body.
That's why you become more 'sensitive'.
More conscious of everything around you and the connectedness.

This week, I want to show you how to use colour (those different frequencies) to calibrate your energy. Using the power of visualisation & your breath. Or actually, help you to experience it for yourself.

Visualisation is very real to the body. It's a way of manifesting, experiencing energy.

There are 2 ways to do this. You can do the short or the longer, more elaborate version.

#1 - Sit (or lay) down somewhere you can't be disturbed for 5 minutes. This is wonderful to do while traveling btw! Plug in some meditative music (optional) and close your eyes.

#2 - Do a quick body scan to get in touch with your body first. Check in how you feel now. It'll help open up communication lines and really féél where you're at. Many of us hold tension through the day, which numbs our senses. So don't skip this.
Start by placing your attention to your feet. Your ankles. Your legs and so on. Feel how the gravity pulls you down. Surrender it it. Go all the way up until you've reached the neck. Back of your head. Your forehead. Ears. Nose. Jaw. Relax every body part and release possible tension by sighing.

Ahhh. Yes. There you are. Now you're open to calibration!

Short version - Envision a colour. Any colour that comes to you first. This is intuitively the right colour for you now. If you like it or not, trust that it's right. Inhale this colour through your heart and when exhaling, spread it out through your body. Visualise it coming in. Filling you up.
Longer version - You calibrate every chakra, one by one. (see image right above for places)
Start with the Root chakra, inhale the colour red that you need in your tailbone. When exhaling, spread that colour out right there. For the Sacral chakra, inhale the colour orange in your belly below the belly button. Then the Solar Plexus, inhale the colour yellow just above your belly button. A little more up, the Heart chakra, inhale the colour green that you need right there. The Throat chakra, inhale the colour blue, any blue that you feel like, in that tiny neck cavity. Then, the Third eye chakra, inhale the colour violet between your brows. And last, inhale the colour purple (or 'translucent' - also good) through the Crown chakra from above.

#4 - Feel it out. Can you sense the difference?

>> Read the 'Important Pointers' below & click on the video for elaboration.





Screen Shot 2019-07-19 at 17.38.50.png


Find it hard to 'stay' with a colour in visualisation? Try and think of an object that has that EXACT colour.For example, when I do the full chakra calibration I like to see the visuals below to get a hold of the colour (and frequency) I feel I need.

RED * Blood - Rose - Red Jaspis
ORANGE * Oranges - Carrots - Carnelian
YELLOW * Dandelion - Sun(flowers) - Citrine
GREEN * Pine forest - Aventurine
BLUE * Summer sky - Sea - Lapis Lazuli
VIOLET * Solarium - Fluorite - Violet flowers (Viooltje)
PURPLE (OR TRANSLUCENT) * Amethyst - Grapes (Snow flakes - Diamond) 

But, these are my personal colours to calibrate with, they might look different for you. Maybe you prefer a red like an apple, or like a wine. Maybe you like a blue like those turquoise Caribbean waters or maybe more like a dark jeans. Find out the colours/items for you. They might change according to your mood. 

∗ ⋅ ☽ ⋅ ∗ 

Wishing you all the beautiful colours of the world this week! 

>> Next up: the TORNADO. <<

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