In 2016 I got sick.

My body suddenly didn't work as she was 'suppose to' anymore.


Doctors said there was nothing wrong with me. Yes I was growing big lumps on my thyroid, couldn't leave my bed and had many symptoms, but I tested 'fine' to everything.

I was a young woman inside the worn-out body of a 90 year old.


I felt trapped. Emprisoned. Depressed, exhausted, anxious & incredibly misunderstood.


And there was nothing I could do, but surrender.

So I started listening to my inner guidance. That whispering voice that knóws.


Eventually, I figured out what was going on physically but the doctors could do nothing for me, but wait until it got só bad that I'd need medicine for the rest of my life.


So. I chose another path. A more natural and spiritual one.

I've been in my darkness for 2 years. Cocooned. Healing, from the inside out.


My outside world didn't change (ok wait, I did quit my job, my fashionlabel and my relationship of 6 yrs), but my inner world is where the biggest change happened.

Now, exactly 3 years later, it feels like I've got my life back THREEFOLD.


Dancing. Creating. Traveling. Doing all the things I couldn't do before and beyond what I éver thought possible. #faith

My body became incredibly sensitive (sensorial & ethereal) after getting rid of so much baggage and old energies.


She now feels like a clear vessle for my lightstar. Healthy and vibrant.


And I'm learning to embody that high frequency better every day and share my findings. To embody love.

Human, that béautiful bundle of dense energy that is giving you the experience of this life, it's MAGIC.


Cherish it. Enjoy it. Listen to it.


You create your universe from the inside out, don't éver forget that.

- I won't.

Tiny 'magic' accent on my arm for life now. #inked



Ava Anouk